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Project life cycle

Project initiation

A project team is assigned for the project. The project team members are put in touch with the customer representatives.

Primary requirements gathering

The systems analyst focuses on the customer's business, identifies and formalizes core requirements for the system, and projects scenarios for the system usage.

Engineering design

The system architect develops a high-level architecture of the system, decomposes the system components into logical layers. Defines a technology stack, approaches, patterns that will be used in each of the layers.

Primary planning

The project manager in collaboration with the Customer, divides the project into timed iterations and pre-plans specific features development for a certain iteration.

Each iteration typically lasts from 2 weeks to a month.


Development is realized by iterations. A finite number of features is developed in each iteration. The product obtained as a result of iteration is uploaded to specialized test and monitoring equipment, so that the Customer could take a look at it. The further work on the project is adjusted based on the iteration results when such a need arises.


The technical writer develops in-line documentation for the system.

System Deployment

The system is deployed on the Сustomer's server facilities or in the cloud.


The turnkey system is delivered to the Customer.


System maintenance and management is performed during a predetermined period of time (fault and error correction).


In case of business changes, the system is adapted to new requirements.

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